Why is trick art so popular all the time?
People love trick art even in this age when it is easy to create and watch any kind of video digitally.
There are almost no museums other than trick art that can operate only with admission fees without public funds or subsidies from large companies.

One of the reasons is experience + participation. The experience of entering and participating in the painting has an active element, and people can’t help but be interested. There is also communication with friends and family who visited together.

Another is analog. I use a computer to create images, but the actual origin is the principle of analog illusion. People want to find intuitive surprises, not digital black boxes. Especially the children show their expressions of joy. Adults will find these very funny too. When most people look into the camera, they say, ‘Wow! and exclamation.

Some people may not have a very good impression of trick art because there are trick arts that are monotonous and ridiculous without much ingenuity. However, over the past 15 years and over 150 works, I am proud to say that I am creating the most ingenious trick art.





Looking for museum franchise !
We are now looking for distributors.
Please contact us by e-mail in Japanese or English.

/ミュージアムのフランチャイズ 募集中!


Provide top quality 3D art suitable for museum form.
My artworks are suitable for cities because they can provide maximum fun even in relatively small venues (For example 300 sqm/Probably about 20 art works can be exhibited).
Of course, it adapts to large halls.


◉トリック3Dアート in COEDO
Trick 3D Art in COEDO Saitama
埼玉県川越市元町1-13-1 049-298-4727

Trick 3D Art in Yufuin Oita

◉Mindways 3D Trick Art Hamburg
Hamburger Straße 47-49, 22083 Hamburg Germany

◉3D Trickart Rostock



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